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Live Streaming Lubbock Performances

Clutch Productions has a long history of live streaming Lubbock performances. This latest production, a live stream of the Lubbock Symphony's performance of Peter and the Wolf, is no exception. This beautiful performance was captured with excellent sound quality and smooth camera work, making it a joy to watch for viewers around the world.

Lubbock Symphony's Live Lubbock Performances

The Lubbock Symphony has enjoyed working with Clutch Productions for many performances. They are thrilled about these live streams of Lubbock music and appreciate how much they allow people to enjoy their music without having to be in Lubbock. They realize that this is an excellent opportunity to share their music with more people than they would be able to reach otherwise.

Clutch Productions has made it very easy for viewers around the world to enjoy these live streamed performances online. Not only are the videos of each performance easily accessible on YouTube, but you can also find links to them on their Facebook page. The videos are easily found by their titles and the hashtags they use for each one.

The Lubbock Music Scene

Clutch Productions is excited to be able to live stream this concert, like this one of Peter and the Wolf, for viewers across the world. It has been highly rewarding to work with the Lubbock Symphony on these performances.

We hope the audience enjoyed watching this Lubbock concert as much as we enjoyed producing it. For more information on Clutch Productions, or to request that your Lubbock performances be live streamed, please contact us today.

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