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Abernathy ISD Graduation

How to Choose the Right Live Production Company for Your Event

Choosing the right live production company for your event can seem like a daunting task. There are so many companies to choose from, and each one seems to offer a different set of services. How do you know which company is right for you?

Abernathy ISD reached out to Clutch Productions for assistance in getting their high school graduation ceremony online. More families wanted to attend the celebration than could safely fit within the venue, so live streaming was essential. Clutch Productions and its expertise in Lubbock live production assisted AISD in pulling off a successful live stream.

What is Clutch Productions and what services does it offer?

Clutch Productions is a Lubbock-based live production company that offers a wide range of services. From live video to live streaming, Clutch Productions can help you make your Lubbock event a success.

Clutch Productions has years of experience in Lubbock live production and understands the importance of getting the technical details right. Our team can help you take your event to the next level.

What services does Clutch Productions offer?

  • Live video
  • Audio production
  • Live streaming
  • Lighting design and installation

Clutch Productions has a team of professionals that can assist in any aspect of your next event.

How can Clutch Productions help your Lubbock live production go smoothly?

When Abernathy Independent School District reached out to Clutch Productions for help with their high school graduation ceremony, we were happy to assist.

We helped AISD by providing live video recording and live streaming services for the event. This allowed families who couldn't attend the ceremony in person to still watch it online. We also assisted with two projectors and screens, ensuring that those who were able to attend in person could see their student no matter where you were sitting.

Clutch Productions is proud to have helped AISD pull off a successful graduation ceremony! Interested in hiring us to help with your Lubbock event or meeting? Learn more about our Lubbock live production services here on our website. Don't stress about the technical stuff, let us handle it for you!

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