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The Benefits of Shooting a Live Lubbock Concert

Clutch Productions provided live video recording and support for Coronado High School in their big UIL performances this season. The Lubbock concert took place in the Buddy Holly Hall of Performing Arts & Sciences on January 18th. Our team captured their performance with a multi-camera setup and recorded it for later editing.

What equipment do we use and what is our process for a Lubbock concert?

Clutch Productions uses a variety of high-end equipment for live performances. Our team uses a variety of Blackmagic cameras and switchers. Our equipment is able to capture beautiful footage and audio of your performance.

After we capture your Lubbock concert, we will then edit and record it into a high-quality video. Once the video is ready to go, you'll receive it in an online link so you can share it with friends and family.

How long will it take to edit the footage of Lubbock music?

The amount of time needed for editing depends on the length of your Lubbock performances and the amount of editing needed. We work closely with our clients to ensure that their finished video is delivered on time.

Clutch Productions successfully recorded the Coronado Lubbock concert performance

Clutch Productions successfully recorded the Coronado Lubbock concert performance this season. The team used a multi-camera setup to capture the event, which will be edited and made available for later use. This is just one example of the great work that Clutch Productions does in the area of live video recording and support. Coronado High School was pleased with our work and finished product. We look forward to serving them again and assisting with any of their live video needs.

Clutch Productions provides high-quality video recording and support for Lubbock concerts. We use professional equipment and offer a multi-camera setup for capturing the event, as well as editing services to create your finished product from raw footage. The Coronado High School concert was just one example of our work, but we have helped many other clients with their needs too- so don’t hesitate to reach out if you need help! In conclusion, Clutch Productions has been providing high quality Lubbock music services for many years. If you are interested in seeing some more examples of our previous projects or want information on how we can assist with your next project please contact us today!

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